Rock ruins on an Albany hillside

This house was visible from the old Albany jail, Shackelford County, Texas.  I can’t turn up any information about it.  It appears similar to many of the early structures in this area, but given the lack of information about it, I wonder about it.

The flooring appears to be too new to have been sitting there very long; although there were places where it had rotted through, it doesn’t seem typical of the flooring in older structures in this area.

The area within the remains of some type of foundation is also not overgrown like the rest of the area.  It is possible someone is in the process of restoring it (as there were piles of trash and scrap in the area and cleared this section, which might have held a porch or a second room.

This would have been the door into the second room or onto the porch.

This one is a mystery I am not able to solve yet.  Maybe next trip?

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