Elbert School

Elbert is a small rural community in Throckmorton County.  I spent many days there during the summers, and it is where my mother grew up.  The last time I was in this school building, probably late 90s, it was in far better shape.  The Elbert school consolidated with Throckmorton in 1956, and after that, there was less use of the building.  I recall going here once to meet my grandmother as she was working the poll for voting, but other than that, I don’t think I was ever in the building.

Since my last visit, someone has pried out the cornerstone and the front doors are gone.  Whether someone “salvaged them” or they just fell down and rotted is a good question.  On the one hand, when I see a building like this that has clearly been abandoned with no intent to save it, it is hard not to want to salvage whatever can be saved.  When I was last inside it, there was still a dais in the auditorium, the doors to the front, chalkboards and rails, and storage lockers, along with some lamp fixtures, and a wood-burning stove.  I doubt much or any of it is left, given the current condition.

I am rather surprised to see a slide still standing, though I am not sure I would risk getting on it!  I think there was a merry-go-round there when I was a child, just to the left of the slide.  The Baptist Church is visible in the background, over the top of a trailer.

This is the end of the building that housed the auditorium.  The roof was still in place at the time, and the elevated dais was still intact.  You can barely make out that the windows were 12 over 12.  Classrooms were located on the other end of the building, one or two on each side.  The current population of Elbert is 51.

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