The Feed Store: Elbert

Town was deserted–or at least appeared to be–the day I was in Elbert.  The sign on the feed store says “Open” and the gates are open.  I found it amusing that there is the fenced enclosure on the porch of the store.  I would not think there is much crime in Elbert, but perhaps it is so they can lock the feed without having to tote it back inside each night.  You probably never know when a group of marauding deer might wander into town in search of corn.  (That’s another topic altogether, but I find it despicable that people feed deer to lure them in so you can shoot them.  If you hunt, you should hunt cleanly.)

My great-grandfather ran a cafe here at one time.  I have the blue enameled water pitcher he used, along with a granite pie pan in which he made the biscuits.  I guess it is fitting that this is a “feed” store.

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