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Re-use, re-purposing: Unique designs and features

Coca Cola bottle chandelier in Mama Afrika’s, Cape Town, South Africa.

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Cardinals and Flamingoes: A New Twist on Birdbrain

If there is one thing I do love, it is an older woman who knows how to dress her age–any age she wants to!  Just today as I was getting my hair done, my hairdresser said her mother is always … Continue reading

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My First Mardi Gras Party

Back in college, my boy friend was going to Mardi Gras and wanted me to go with him.  That was a time when you had to ask your parents for money to do things, and have permission, and I didn’t. … Continue reading

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Mardi Gras Party

Saturday in New Orleans was pouring rain.  We headed over to Canal Street for the party and I decided not to take my camera.  For one, it was pouring rain and I did not think it would make for very … Continue reading

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New Orleans Road Trip

I’m going to New Orleans for my first ever visit during Mardi Gras.  It’s something I never really wanted to do, and wouldn’t be doing now if not for needing to go for another purpose.  But what the hey, I … Continue reading

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Humboldt Park Chicago and Paseo Boricua

Humboldt Park is the “cultural and economic heart” of Chicago’s Puerto Rican community.  It was named for naturalist Alexander Humboldt in 1869, long before it was home to the current Puerto Rican (and Mexican) residents. The community was first home … Continue reading

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Paarl Cemetery

This cemetery is next to a church in Paarl, South Africa.  There are a variety of tomb styles, similar to those in the New Orleans cemeteries.  Obelisks, the tall, tapering stones, seemed to be very prevalent in this cemetery. A … Continue reading

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St. John the Baptist Catholic Church Cemetery Louisisana

This multiple vault parapet tomb is in the St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery on River Road outside of New Orleans.  The church was established in 1770 and was the first church on Second German Coast when Louisiana was a … Continue reading

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Charity Hospital Cemetery New Orleans

Charity Hospital Cemetery was established in 1847 to bury paupers and people with no relatives.  Over the years, over 150 people were buried in unmarked graves.  Most of them died from Yellow fever and Malaria during the epidemics.  The cemetery … Continue reading

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Swift Meat Packing Plant Fort Worth

Swift Meat Packing was one of the “Big Four” packers in the early 1900s.  Founded in Chicago in the 1880s by Gustavus Franklin Swift, the inventor of the refrigerated railway car, the company opened a major branch at the Fort … Continue reading

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