Ledbetter House

The Ledbetter Picket House in Albany, Texas was built during the mid-1870s by William H. Ledbetter.  Lawrence Clayton and Morris Ledbetter (a descendant) identified him as a native Mississippian, although other accounts indicate Ledbetter was from Georgia.  (I will put my money on Clayton and Ledbetter for accuracy.)  The house is built with upright pickets in a dog-run (or dog-trot) style.  The purpose was to provide shade and breeze, and the dog-run was a favorite sleeping place for dogs.  The house was originally constructed near Fort Griffin, about 15 miles out of Albany.  It was relocated to a park in downtown and named to the National Register of Historic Places.

Ledbetter established the Ledbetter Saltworks on the Salt Fork of Hubbard Creek.  Salt was obtained by boiling the water in iron kettles until only the salt remained.  Salt mining was a risky business during that time due to the isolation of the creek and frequent attacks by Comanche.

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