Mardi Gras Party

Saturday in New Orleans was pouring rain.  We headed over to Canal Street for the party and I decided not to take my camera.  For one, it was pouring rain and I did not think it would make for very good photos.  We were thinking to attend the party for a while, and then leave before the parade started as we did not want to get hung up in the rain for 4 hours.  One of these days, I think I will have to invest in a pocket point and shoot for those times I don’t want to drag around the Nikon D90, but I did have my iPhone.  I was amazed at the beautiful architectural detail in the house.

After we left the party, we stopped to do a little shopping so that I could cook dinner.  I could not pass up the opportunity while in a big city to get some wild-caught Alaskan halibut.  I made halibut in white wine with garlic, tomatoes, and mushrooms, jalapeño white cheddar grits, sautéed spinach with feta, and sourdough bread.  I don’t care if I did do the cooking, the halibut was amazing–my best ever I think.  I’m sure it was due to being in the city of food, New Orleans, and all the good cooking vibes around.  Couple that with excellent fresh ingredients (and all that butter) and no wonder it was such a culinary delight.  I’m going to be a chef in my next career, and a historian on the side.

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