My First Mardi Gras Party

Back in college, my boy friend was going to Mardi Gras and wanted me to go with him.  That was a time when you had to ask your parents for money to do things, and have permission, and I didn’t.  I have never really thought about Mardi Gras much over my life time, and had never been to New Orleans during Mardi Gras.  I would not have thought about it this time either, if not for needing to go help my BFF cuz with something.  She marches with her krewe every year, and has the most fascinating and elaborate costumes.  She insisted that since I was going to be there, I had to experience something of Mardi Gras.

She took me with her to a party given by one of her long-time friends.  I admit, I was initially thinking “why would I go to a party where I do not know anyone?  How boring could that be?”  Her friend was warm and welcoming, and I had the pleasure of the experience of the New Orleans party spirit–no matter if you don’t know anyone.  The band played non-stop except for a short 10 minute break mid-afternoon.  We conversed with two of the members during the break, doing my favorite thing–learning about new people from new places.  Apparently, there is something about Mardi Gras in New Orleans that brings people together, and I ended up loving the experience.  I learned about second line, who dat, and to the left/to the right.  I also had some awesome jambalaya.

Maybe I will go back next year and expand my horizons.


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