The Circle at University of Mississippi

Not long ago, Malvaney over at Preservation in Mississippi asked for a picture of the Circle as an entity, rather than separate buildings.  Try as I might, my equipment, the lighting, and the timing has not permitted me to do so.  However, since I was at the Circle yesterday afternoon, at a time with no traffic (Friday before spring break!), I thought I would at least make an attempt at capturing a semblance of the Circle.  As one comes into the Circle, the Lyceum is straight ahead.

After passing Ventress, you turn right around the Circle, and pass Croft (the former YMCA building) and Bryant Hall.

Not really visible through the trees, Peabody Hall sits between Bryant and the Lyceum.  Also not visible as it is situated further back from the Circle between Peabody and Bryant is Fulton Chapel.

Standing in front of Bryant, looking left, Croft and the corner of Ventress.

Across the street from Ventress and on the opposite side of the Circle, Shoemaker Hall, one of the Modern architectural  designs on the Circle.

Barely visible between the trees, another Modern design, Hume Hall.

Carrier Hall, yet another Modern building featured on the Circle.

Between Carrier and the Lyceum, a portion of the new Center for Manufacturing Excellence sits next to the Old Chemistry Building.

But no matter where you go in the Circle, you can always see the Lyceum.

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