Alligator, Mississippi

Alligator is one of those little communities with not a lot remaining.  There are fewer than 200 people now.  I imagine what this “main street” looked like at one time, when there were businesses in these stores.  Perhaps a grocery store?  Dry goods?

The Memphis Tennessee Ironworks made these building columns–twins to the ones on the Bank of Mound Bayou.  Wednesday, nothing much appeared to be happening other than a few men at the local auto repair, working on some cars.

Frankly, I could hear some loud music, and I think there may have been “cussing” involved in the auto repair.  There was at least some loud talking going on.  I thought it best not to loiter.

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4 Responses to Alligator, Mississippi

  1. ELMalvaney says:

    Last time I was through Alligator, the old 1940s black school building was still standing somewhat south of “downtown.” It was a three-classroom concrete block school and was abandoned and in disrepair. It was on Front Street, and looking at this Bing aerial, it may be gone, or may just be so overgrown the aerial doesn’t show it:

    I have a funny story about this school I’ll have to tell you someday. Not really appropriate for the live internet, I suppose.


  2. Suzassippi says:

    I was there the first time in 2004; it looked different even a few weeks ago, but I just did the main drag from 61 to downtown and back.


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