Quitman County Courthouse

My primary purpose in stopping off in Marks on my way home from Mound Bayou last week was to locate and photograph the Quitman County Courthouse.  I first became acquainted with this courthouse in the fun “name this place” contest Preservation in Mississippi runs every so often.  In recent months, I have passed by Marks on a somewhat regular basis, always intending to see the building in person.  It was a pretty day for a change, I had a little extra time, and ended up finding a lot to take pictures of before deciding to call it a day.  (You can see other photos of the day here and here and here.)

The Quitman County courthouse was constructed in 1911 by Chamberlain & Company from Knoxville.  They designed several other Mississippi courthouses, and at least one in Arkansas. Update correction: Thanks to Malvaney at Preservation in Mississippi for some corrected information about the courthouse.

The CH was actually built by the Falls City Construction Company, which was the successor to the Lewman Construction Company…a post a while back with information about the Lewmans, who have been the subject of research by …Delos Hughes for a while:http://misspreservation.com/2011/02/24/builder-pics-the-lewmans/

The Chamberlain firm were the architects.

As was pointed out by W. White at the MissPres post above, Marks was the starting place for Dr. Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s March to highlight the poverty and inequality in Mississippi.  White notes, “…not sure Dr. King would agree [in the 1060s] that obedience to the law is liberty.”  For example, at various times in history, the law meant it was illegal for women to vote, own property or make decisions about their own bodies or their own children.  Obedience to the law has often meant subservience, mostly for those of us who were not born privileged.  Point well taken, W. White.

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