Jefferson County Courthouse


The first brick Jefferson County courthouse was begun in 1825.  It was demolished and a new one erected in 1881.  That building was destroyed by fire in 1901, and replaced by the 1903 Victorian courthouse, which burned in the early 90s.  All that remained of the building was the front entrance, which was incorporated into the new building erected 1993.

It is a far cry from the grandeur of the 1903 building originally attached to the entry portico.  The Victorian courthouse erected in 1903 can be seen here.

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2 Responses to Jefferson County Courthouse

  1. Cindy says:

    Lamar County Courthouse is undergoing a wonderful and a very much needed restoration right now to bring it back to its 1905 glory. I can only hope that they do a much more historically accurate job on ours. You can see photos and get updates here:


  2. Suzassippi says:

    Thanks for the great updates on the Lamar County courthouse! Unfortunately, we seem to have an abundance of beautiful courthouses ruined by added wings.


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