Fayette High School

The old Fayette High School was built in 1928, based on the marker at the top of the building.  The building was still in use in 1956, but that is the only information I can locate.

The 1956 annual shows photographs of the Who’s Who students standing on these steps, sitting on the half-wall, or standing before the doors.  That was before the trees grew up the steps.

The building sits on a rise near Lehmann Avenue.  At the base, there is a concrete structure that I cannot identify.

I took it to be the foundation for some type of overpass at one time, but it seems oddly placed to have been either a railroad crossing or some other type of bridge.

The remains of some iron work indicate a connecting structure, but what?  Apparently, I am going to have to start making time to visit the library in these small communities in hopes of answering all the questions I keep asking.

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5 Responses to Fayette High School

  1. Cindy says:

    The concrete structure…perhaps it was a walkway for the students over the road if it was a busy one in the days the school was being used?


    • Coach Mac says:


      I am from Fayette and went to school in that building. The concrete structure you see was across the street to the right of the school. That was one side of a railroad track bridge that elevated the train tracks above old Hwy 28.

      My last school year in Fayette was in 1969 and that building was the elementary school at that time.

      Hope that answers your question.


  2. Christy Smith says:

    My mother went to school there in the late 40s to 1956 before they moved to Louisiana. The concrete structure that you see was a railroad overpass going to Harriston.


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