Return visit to Alligator

I had a hint of an important building to try to locate in Alligator, so I made a quick exit off 61 on my recent Mound Bayou meeting.  I might have found the building, but I am checking out the details first, so we’ll both just have to be in suspense a little longer.  After all, I am still smarting over being fooled by the bank building in Marks a few weeks ago. *Ouch* (See Malvaney’s comments about the building–it’s a 1970s renovation).

There was no one out and about, so I made a quick stop at Gator’s to catch the occupied end of the street.  The Memphis Tennessee Ironworks are prominent on these two buildings.

You might recall the ironworks on the abandoned end of the street.  You’ll be seeing them again, in Duncan.

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3 Responses to Return visit to Alligator

  1. ELMalvaney says:

    I’m intrigued by this other find you mention–when will we find out if you were right or not? Your readership is waiting with bated breath!!


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