Among my finds on my jaunt around the Square Sunday afternoon:

I know I have seen this cover before, but I cannot seem to find where.  My guesses in this order are Preservation in Mississippi, Urban Decay, or Marty Kittrell.  Anyone claim the original posting on your blog, and enlighten on the foundry?

Those Chickasaw Iron Works folks did get around.  This appears to have been a step at one time, and that the doorway was closed?  This is the same design and marking as below the Chickasaw Iron Works columns on the Bank of Mound Bayou building.

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2 Responses to Ironwork

  1. ELMalvaney says:

    Great catch on the water meter cover from Belzoni. The design does indeed look familiar, but it’s slightly different than ones I’ve seen. Unless Marty Kittrell or Urban Decay claim it, you may be able to lay claim to a real discovery!

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