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East College Street on the Courthouse Square

I may never be able to leave Holly Springs.  Two buildings on this block drew my eye–the Art Deco building, and the Italianate (or Renaissance Revival, depending on the reference) at the corner.   The nomination form for the National … Continue reading

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Bank of Holly Springs: Beaux Arts

The Bank of Holly Springs building, circa 1910, is identified in the MDAH Historic Resource Inventory–the best Internet tool since sliced bread and frozen strawberries–as Beaux Arts style.  Not being familiar with it, I discovered after some sleuthing that it … Continue reading

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Kermie would probably feel right at home today in Mississippi–it has been raining for over a week, and when it stops, the sound of the frogs is almost deafening.  Nothing like a little water to get a frog all excited. … Continue reading

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Old St. Joseph’s Catholic Church

The Old St. Joseph Church was built in 1840, originally for Christ Episcopal.  The Greek Revival/Gothic Revival church was sold to the Catholics in 1857 when Christ Episcopal built a new church (MDAH Historic Resources Inventory).  It was moved to … Continue reading

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Jack County Courthouse Restored

Last summer I noted work on the Jack County Courthouse in Jacksboro, a 1940 Art Moderne designed by Voelker and Dixon.  As I was returning to Mississippi last month, I stopped in to see how the renovation was progressing.  The … Continue reading

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When digital goes wrong…

You know it happens–every once in a while a digital image fires wrong–too much light, for various reasons, and you get a white page.  Lately, I have been enjoying playing around with those images, seeing what can be altered.  It … Continue reading

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