When digital goes wrong…

You know it happens–every once in a while a digital image fires wrong–too much light, for various reasons, and you get a white page.  Lately, I have been enjoying playing around with those images, seeing what can be altered.  It brings out detail in a different way, and can literally make certain parts of the picture pop out, while others recede.  It is endless what kinds of images you can create.  Here are a few of my favorites from my last trip through the Delta and Texas.

Seldom in life do things go exactly the way we planned, or the way we wanted.  Sometimes, we just get what we get.  Our ability to take what we get and make of it something meaningful to us and to others is a gift not to be spurned, but to cherish and nurture.

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5 Responses to When digital goes wrong…

  1. Thomas Rosell says:

    Very cool! I really like the first image. Are you using any particular programs to achieve these results?


  2. Suzan I. Freibert says:

    Great effect. Was the kudzu covered, crumbling building photo taken in Oakland, MS? It looks like the remains of a gas station that used to sit at the 4 way stop in Oakland.


  3. Suzassippi says:

    Yes, it is in Oakland. I think it was at the 4-way stop that you mention, but it’s been a while so I don’t recall for certain.


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