Kermie would probably feel right at home today in Mississippi–it has been raining for over a week, and when it stops, the sound of the frogs is almost deafening.  Nothing like a little water to get a frog all excited.  On my way home to Texas in June, I decided to drive through the Delta and stay off the Interstate.  My niece has loved Kermit, and all the Muppets, since she was a toddler.  Now as a young woman, she still has plans someday to come visit the Jim Henson museum in Leland.    I thought I would surprise her with a couple of photos of Kermie’s house.  It sits on the edge of Deer Creek, a delta of the Mississippi River.  Jim Henson and his childhood friend, Kermit Scott, supposedly played along this creek, no doubt with some of the frogs…and it is said to have inspired Kermit the Frog.

Like many southerners, apparently Kermie likes a good bottle tree in his front yard to ward off unwanted spirits.

Kermie, waving hello or waving goodbye, depending entirely upon your perspective.  I do confess that I love the billboard coming into Batesville from Marks: it’s a picture of Kermie and the caption is “eats flies, dates a pig, Hollywood star–live your dreams!”

I had the opportunity to visit with Kermie a couple of years ago when we both chanced to be at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens at the same time.  We commiserated for a few minutes about how we both look more and more like the road’s been well-traveled these days, but can still remember jumping into creeks in our younger days, when it was all still ahead of us.

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