Christ Episcopal Church in Holly Springs

Christ Episcopal in Holly Springs was constructed in 1858 in the Gothic Revival style (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory database).  From the nomination form for the East Holly Springs historic district (National Register of Historic Places):

Single-story gable-front brick church with stucco finish.  Vestibule with pointed arch portal, oval oculus and corner buttresses with pinnacle.  Picturesque three-part wooden tower with corner buttresses and pinnacles, louver windows, crenelated bargeboards and an octagonal belfry and spire.  Buttresses on north and south elevation.  Lancet windows with hood molds.

Some definitions of all of those terms:

gable-front: the upper portion of an end wall formed by the slope of a roof (NYC Landmarks Commission glossary)

vestibule: a hall projecting in front of the facade of a church (New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia)

portal: doorway, entrance or gate, especially one that is large and imposing (Buffalo Architecture Index)

oculus: a round window (Artemis Illustration)

buttresses: a projecting mass normally of brickwork or masonry that is used to support a structure; gives additional strength usually to counteract the outward thrust of an arch or vault

pinnacle: in Gothic architecture, a small turret-like termination on the top of buttresses, parapets or elsewhere (Buffalo Architecture Index)

louver windows: a window shutter fitted with slanting fixed or movable slats to admit air, but exclude rain, snow, or to provide privacy (Artemis Illustration)

crenelated bargeboards: a board trim that is usually carved and projects from the gable line of a roof, used to hide the ends of the horizontal roof timbers (Newfoundland and Labrador Registered Heritage Structures Architectural Terms): crenelated refers to the uniform pattern of openings in the bargeboard (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Common Architectural Terms)

 belfry: a small square bell tower placed atop a roof to house a bell (Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Common Architectural Terms)

spire: any slender pointed construction surmounting a building; generally a narrow octagonal pyramid set above a square tower (Buffalo Architecture Index)

lancet windows: pointed windows in Gothic architecture (Artemis Illustration)

hood molds: a projection that shelters an element such as a door or window; piece of trim that introduces varieties of outline or curve contours in edges or surfaces as on window jambs and heads (NYC Landmarks Commission glossary)

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8 Responses to Christ Episcopal Church in Holly Springs

  1. debbie says:

    If you are at Sunflower Festival in Clarksdale next weekend, come by Gimme Gumbo Gallery, 3rd & Delta Ave and say Hi


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  3. tampatlanta says:

    Wow I like this post, and your blog! Thank you for all of the detail that goes into it.


  4. Thomas Rosell says:

    What a plethora of definitions! I love it! Crenelated bargeboard is one I’ve never heard before. I’ll have to find a building I can that phrase on this week.


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