Como Methodist Church

John Gaisford was the architect for this building which houses the Como Methodist Church (MDAH Historic Resources Inventory database).  It was built in 1912 by architect/builder J. G. (or J. E.) Bridger, who also built the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Sardis.  Gaisford was originally from England, but moved to Memphis and practiced in the area (MDAH-HRI).  Gaisford was

…architect for a considerable number of churches throughout the South. (MDAH, Historic Resources Inventory).

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Como’s commercial district developed facing the railroad rather than around a city square (Historic Como,  As a result, the downtown area is a single line of commercial buildings, anchored at the end of the street with the Methodist Church.  It is part of the Como Historic District (National Register of Historic Places).

This old water tower watches over the strip of downtown.  If it is still in use, let’s hope the inside is not as rusted as the outside.

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