Oldest House in Pontotoc

How old is the oldest house in Pontotoc?  As old as 180 years, or as young as 172 years, depending on whose reference one uses.  Mississippi Department of Archives and History puts it at 1832 construction, the oldest of the suggested dates.  Todd Sanders in the 1993 National Register nomination for the Pontotoc NT district says “most likely built between 1836 and 1840.  The Pontotoc Historical Society hedges all bets saying only “built in the 1830s for Thomas McMackin, the founder of Pontotoc.”

The Federal/Greek Revival 1.5 story house (MDAH, HRI) has 5 bays across the front, and entry through a center replacement single-leaf French door with 3 light transoms (Sanders 1993).

From Sanders (1993) nomination:

…left two windows are 9/6 double-hung…right two windows are 6/6 double-hung…

…porch denticulated cornice extends across three bays…four square paneled tapered wooden columns…balustrade around porch roof…

The west gable has no windows.  It also appears to have been covered with siding at some point, as the house is identified as brick construction.  The chimney on the  west has also been removed. Some type of addition was tacked onto the rear as it was not mentioned in the nomination form.

The east gable has one window.  The east side retains the brick construction and the original chimney.  There is no information on the reasons for the modification, nor the current use of the house.  MDAH identifies it as the J.P. Jones house, and while it is on the Pontotoc Historic Tour, it is unclear as to its use.

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3 Responses to Oldest House in Pontotoc

  1. So interesting. Have you gotten to see the inside? Is this close to where you live?

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    • Suzassippi says:

      It is about 35 miles from where we live. I have not been inside, and in fact, have not been back to Pontotoc since I took this series of photographs while over there researching some New Deal buildings. I recently helped a Pontotoc resident with information on a building, and how to use the MDAH research function, and he and his wife offered to take us on a tour. I was looking forward to it, but we had to cancel related to the studio construction as we have to get that finished because we are scheduled for a trip the first week in June. We hope to be able to do it in the fall, after it cools off again. There is a lot of fascinating history nearby. I always say in my next life, I will be a historian and a chef. 🙂


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