Pontotoc Storefronts

The building to the right is a “2-story flat-roofed brick commercial building, that dates between 1925 and 1929, although the end walls could be earlier” (Sanders, 1993).

The parapet is divided into two sections by piers in the middle and on each end above second floor windows and below the parapet.  There are two stuccoed panels above the windows.  

There are two storefronts on the first floor, and a doorway leading to the second floor.  The doorway was originally just an arched opening (Sanders) but has apparently been closed in recent years.

The “Corner Gro” mural seems to indicate that this might have once been a food store.   Barber’s Milk is an Alabama dairy started in 1934.  Evidence of other murals is faded against the wall, including a faint Coca Cola sign.  No date is indicated for this building, although Sanders notes that it has a new storefront and a “stepped parapet.”

What actually drew my eye to the building was this storefront.  Every time I see one, I am reminded of The Beauty of Modernist Storefronts which introduced me to another way of looking at buildings.

The angled storefront was a very common feature in post-war storefronts.  They provided additional display and a small exterior lobby.  The storefront would usually angle towards the asymmetrical entrance door, to sweep the buyer into the store. (Carol J. Dyer, 2008, What to do when your storefront is younger than you: How to work with mid-twentieth century facades)

You can see the pdf of the presentation, complete with gorgeous pictures and descriptions at the link.

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4 Responses to Pontotoc Storefronts

  1. ELMalvaney says:

    Love that link to the Illinois site! Thanks for finding and sharing!


  2. Beauregard Rippy says:

    Got addresses for these storefronts or did I miss them?


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