Old City Hall and Masonic Hall in Durant

Old city hall building 2

The Durant Masonic Hall and former City Hall, now the Community Center, was constructed in 1898.  It was the Castalian Lodge #139 (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory database).  Architect John W. Gaddis also submitted a design for the Mississippi new capitol competition.  W. O. Glass from Yazoo City was the builder/contractor for the building.

Masonic Hall entrance

An earlier photograph of the building, taken when it was still the City Hall, shows the words City Hall over the doors on the right, and the Masonic Hall entrance on the left.  With its missing corbel, clearly this building is in need of a little restoration.


Definitely in need of some window repairs as well.  Note the “replacement” of the glass on the second window from the left:  an inset was placed in the opening and a square pane of glass installed.  The arched window glass on the fourth window has fallen and the pane perches precariously on the ledge, waiting for either gravity or wind to send it the rest of the way down.

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