Isaiah T. Montgomery “Bed & Breakfast” in Mound Bayou

Front view

Exciting news from over on Preservation in Mississippi–the announcement that the Mississippi Department of Archives and History has awarded a grant in the amount of $12,000 for use on the I T Montgomery house.  I first laid eyes on this historic structure, home to one of the co-founders of Mound Bayou in 1887, almost two years ago when I made my first visit to meet the Mayor, Kent Johnson.  Mayor Johnson took me on a quick “walking tour” of several buildings in the downtown area and shared some of the plans for those buildings.

Later that fall, we held our first youth-led community development workshop, using the school curriculum developed by Charles M. Yarborough for the Mississippi Heritage Trust.

Historic buildings tell the story of the past, and fosters appreciation of our cultural and architectural history.  Historic places help us understand the cultural, social, economic, and political history of our state, region, and nation.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 4.14.04 PM

back door

The Montgomery house was built in the Queen Anne style, which was very popular in Mississippi as the railroads expanded between 1880 and 1910.  Montgomery’s house, with its Square Doric columns, gables, and porch running the width of the house, and partially down one side, must have been an imposing sight when the train passed through.  The house faced directly toward the railroad tracks.

back storage

In later years, it would house doctors, nurses, and the laundry for the Taborian Hospital.  The laundry was on the first floor, the physician on the second floor and nurses on the third floor.

Congratulations to the Jewel of the Delta, on yet another achievement as they move forward with community development!

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