Meek Hall: Midcentury Modernism


Meek Hall, currently home to the Art Department, was constructed in 1960, and designed by R. W. Naef, one of the architects who designed a number of buildings on the campus of the University of Mississippi (Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory database).  I love the curving canopy over the front doors to the auditorium.  Construction was done by J. W. Rich Construction Company, who also built Hefley, Powers, and the Village Apartments between 1953 and 1960.


The area to the left, with the glass upper windows, is the ticket booth.  The auditorium and the second floor of the building were renovated in 2007.

Meek Hall

The building, which originally housed the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (no longer in existence, but merged with Nutrition and Hospitality Management), was named for Miss Elma Meek, the student who in 1896 suggested the name “Ole Miss” for the yearbook.  You know what happened after that.  


Music was also housed in the building following the departure of FCS.

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5 Responses to Meek Hall: Midcentury Modernism

  1. Beauregard Rippy says:

    Love it! Don’t let them tear it down! They do need to clean it up though. Brillo pad those aluminum windows or something.


  2. Beauregard Rippy says:

    It was the music (not band hall) in the early to mid-1970s when I was there. There were small piano practice rooms.


  3. Beauregard Rippy says:

    Also, the theatre was used frequently for campus theatrical performances.


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