Byhalia Barber Shop and McLeary Building

Byhalia barber shop


The Byhalia Barber ship building, c. 1900, is a one-store, flat roof brick building with parapet, according to the nomination form for the National Register of Historic Places (Helms & Kaye, 1995).  It was listed as an office on the 1915 Sanborn map, and during World War I, served as a drug store (Helms & Kaye), although there is no indication if it was during 1914, or the years after 1915.  The upper half of the building is covered in cement asbestos, most likely from the remodeling (no date given) and the bottom half has brick facing.

Next door is the McLeary Building, constructed in 1884 (MDAH HRI database).  Dave McLeary was the original owner (Helms & Kaye), who was reported to have operated the livery stable in Byhalia.  The McLeary Building is described as

…one-story, flat roof brick with corbeled parapet…five-lite transom over display windows and recessed doorway with on-line, one-panel double doors. Metal awning(Helms & Kaye)

The metal awning has been removed.  McLeary operated a general merchandise store beside W. C. McCrary’s general store, and his stable and house were built behind the store (Watson, S. (2008). Burrow chronicles Byhalia’s past. The South Reporter online. Retrieved from  

There were two other general merchandise stores located on Church Street during those early years.

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