Water Valley American Legion Building

American Legion Building

Water Valley’s Curtis E. Pass Post # 37 was constructed c. 1935 of field stone and brick. It is part of the Water Valley Main Street Historic District (David Preziosi, 2012(?) nomination form for the National Register of Historic Places).

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7 Responses to Water Valley American Legion Building

  1. Great little building.

    I’ve seen a similar American Legion Hall light up sign like that recently in a historic photo but I cant remember where the photo was taken. You’ve got me wracking my brain now.


  2. Suzassippi says:

    I have seen many remnants of this type of light on Legion buildings, but I think this is the first one I have seen intact. I was hoping with the c.1935 date that I could tie it to the WPA, who built quite a few legion halls under the New Deal, but alas, so far, nothing. Let me know when you remember the photo!


  3. Interesting. I was unaware that the WPA built buildings for private groups. Was this a round about appeasement towards the “Bonus Army?”

    Ill let you know when I find that photo again and Ill be on the look out for new ones.


    • Suzassippi says:

      I am not sure about the appeasement. Examples of Legion huts were the ones in Paris and Eudora, Arkansas, Edmund, Oklahoma, and Eads, Colorado.


      • Thank you for the tips on the “Legion huts”. According to Wikipedia -the worlds most reliable source for information- a second Bonus Army in 1933 was offered jobs in the CCC by President Roosevelt. So I guess it is possible there is some correlation.


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  5. John C. Cox says:

    I grew up there, we had Cub Scout and later Boy Scout meetings in the building (I was about 11) and loved to “play” with the M1 Garand rifles in the rack…..I always thought it was the VFW building! That illuminated sign is a later, much later, addition for sure.


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