Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells

Baker view from poolThe Baker Hotel opened in November 1929, and was described as “the largest and finest hostelry of the Baker chain” with a reported cost of $1,750,000 (“H. H. Waller Joins Baker Hotel Chain,” The El Paso Herald, 22 November 1929, p. 18).  The 14-story hotel contained 450 rooms.

The Baker Hotel Corporation, operator of hotels in Texas, became interested in this beautiful resort city thru the personal experience of its president, T. B. Baker, who came here and was benefitted by the mineral waters and fell so in love with the city and surrounding country that he built here one of the finest hotels in Texas. (Edson R. Waite, Did you ever stop to think, The Eagle, 17 September 1931, p. 4)

I posted on Lottabusha County Chronicles about the hotel in 2010 when I learned it was for sale.  The story this time is that it has been purchased and will be renovated and restored, to the tune of a $56 million budget, and all but $4 million has been identified according to the developers (Hanna, 2014, Mineral Wells hopes Baker Hotel is about to be reborn, Star-Telegram). Renovation is expected to take 3 years.

Check out the amazing WPA film (it’s only a minute and a half long) of the Baker, and many vintage photographs and post card images on their Facebook page.

walkway over driveApparently, Mr. Waite was either very enamored of the Baker, or he was paid to write his column as he mentioned Mineral Wells and the Baker Hotel in many of his articles.  For example, in 1931:

From the 450 room Baker Hotel with its luxurious lobbies, its great recreation and drinking pavilion with daily concerts, its roof garden with dancing, gymnasium with athletic director, bowling alleys, play grounds, outdoor swimming pool and spacious verandas, to the more modest cottage or small apartment, Mineral Wells offers an accommodation to meet the need of every visitor, whether for a single day or an entire season.  “Come for a day, and you’ll want to stay forever,” is the way the manager of the Baker Hotel expresses it, and we will vouch for the truth of it…The waters are particularly beneficial in rheumatic, neuritic and similar chronic ailments when taken in connection with the vapor, Turkish and hydro-therapeutic baths available at the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells. (Waite, The Eagle, 26 March 1931, p. 4)

entranceOther information can be seen at the Baker Hotel “official website.”

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