Historic Courthouse Square in DeWitt

City Hall and Willard's

DeWitt, Arkansas is a rarity due to the design of its public square.  Like many small rural communities, the courthouse occupies the center of the square.  What is unique about DeWitt’s square is that it was designed as

…a continuous street around a public square with one access street in the middle of each block.  The northwest, northeast, and southwest corners have unique lots containing buildings with chamfered corner entrances. (History of the Square, DeWitt, Arkansas)


The Willard’s store is circa 1915.  A central stairway allows access to the second story.  In the 1930s, Schallhorn Hardware was relocated to this building.  William Frederick Schallhorn was also president of the DeWitt Bank and Trust, located in the building next door, now Kelly’s on the Square.  The remnants of the word “hotel” is partially visible behind the Willard’s sign.  The building housed two grocery stores, and doctors and dentists at different points in time.

City Hall and Police Department

The corner building was constructed in 1954 for the Bank and Trust, where it remained until 1977.  In 1979, the city hall and police department were relocated to the buff brick walled building.  The chamfered corner entrance is faced in cut stone with dentils at the cornice, and glass block windows on the sides.

City Hallcorner building on block

Three of the corners have chamfered entrance buildings on them; the fourth corner appears to have had a building in the location at one time, based on the chamfered sidewalk entrance.  The building above, also buff brick, has housed a number of businesses since its construction in the late 1920s.

corner store

The building features what was described as “zipper brick” but is more commonly known as a “pigeonhole corner.”

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