Mineral Wells 1937 WPA Amphitheater

amphitheater behind home economics cottageVisible behind the Lillian Peek Home Economics cottage completed in 1934 is the rock amphitheater constructed by the WPA in 1937.  The WPA completed a number of amphitheaters during the New Deal Administration, in state parks, community settings, and educational facilities.  One excellent example is the San Antonio Riverwalk’s amphitheater. amphitheater 2Amphitheaters were generally built on the side of a hill, which provided a natural gentle rise for the seats, aisles, and steps.  In the photograph above, the stage is visible in the forefront, and was surfaced with a concrete slab.

WPA cornerstoneThe 50 Year Club of Mineral Wells restored the amphitheater behind the old school, and are in process of renovation for the home economics cottage.

While I acted on many stages during my theatre years, I don’t recall outdoor amphitheater being among them.  Perhaps I will use my summer research time to pen a play about the New Deal contributions to the country, and see if Mineral Wells will let me stage it on this stunning example.  It could be the culminating show of my career; it has been many years since I walked out on a stage to perform before an audience (presenting workshops and class does not count), but there was nothing like the joy of it.

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4 Responses to Mineral Wells 1937 WPA Amphitheater

  1. socialbridge says:

    Go for it, Suz! What a venue.


  2. Brent McKee says:

    Nice blog post. These amphitheatres are good reminders of the lost civilization of the New Deal.


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