Rock School

Rock School and amphitheaterMineral Wells’ oldest building is the Rock Schoolhouse, constructed in 1886, served as the first public school in Mineral Wells, Texas.  It is currently owned by the Fifty Year Club, who are restoring and renovating the Mountaineer Park complex that also includes the Lillian Peak Home Economics Building, the 1937 WPA Amphitheater, and the old Mineral Wells High School building.

Stones were obtained from Rock Creek, hauled to the site, and hand-cut.  It currently operates as a museum featuring early history of Mineral Wells.  It remained in use as a school building until 1972, serving the educational needs of the community for 86 years.  Apparently, the 128 year old building is still serving in an educational role, providing free history lessons about the community and its early years as a health spa destination commanding more than 100,000 visitors a year (Rock School House Museum, June 22, 2009, Mineral Wells

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