How do I love thee? Enough.

birds at feeder 9The snow has begun in earnest now.  I posted earlier on the Lottabusha Chronicles about the beginnings of the winter storm.  I went out early this morning to fill bird feeders, and it has gone from this:

red birds yellow birdsto this:

birds at feeder 11I am such a sucker for birds at the feeder, from the little nondescript brown and gray ones to the gorgeous cardinals, both female and male.  It was enough to make me don my boots, put on a hoodie, wrap a scarf around my face, pull on leather gloves, and venture forth through about 6 inches of piled up snow to refill the feeders.  Unfortunately, the one in the above photo and I had a bit of a mishap whilst rehanging it, and after falling on my head, it landed in a pile of snow and half of the seeds spilled out.  Because I had replenished all of the other 4 feeders out there, I opted not to unscrew that very difficult apparatus yet a third time.  It’s their favorite though, because the overhanging roof is better protection against the snow in the seeds, not to mention it has an easier perch.

Enjoy, my little feathered friends!  This is how much I love thee.

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