Breckenridge City Park

entrance gatesWhile down in Texas on an unexpected visit these past 2 1/2 weeks, I had a few minutes one day to stop at the City Park in Breckenridge.  In 1936, H. P. Drought, the Texas director of WPA announced that 38 projects had been approved, including improvements for the Breckenridge City Park.  It was to employ 35 workers, using $2,978 federal funds and $1,295 from local sponsors (Breck city park project approved, Breckenridge American, vol. 16, no. 361, ed.1).  The park has been a part of my ‘roadside memory’ since my first trip from Graham to Breckenridge and beyond.  At one time, I recall the concrete slabs on the benches were painted green.  Additional improvements have been made over the years by the local garden club, according to two signs I located, including one on the covered pavilion visible beyond the entrance gate columns.  There is nary a WPA sign anywhere.

picnic table and benches

This could mean that the WPA project was never completed, and I could find no record of the work being performed.  According to news items in May, 1938, the city continued to attempt to complete a “tabernacle” in the city park.

Work to start soon on city building, Necessity school…tabernacle in the city park…set to cost about $1,250″ of which the city was to pay half. (May 17, 1938, p. 1, Breckenridge American)

County ’38 exhibit plans meet topic… discussed…getting the tabernacle constructed in the City Park as soon as possible.  This is a WPA project in which the city and county will assist. May 26, 1938, p. 1, Breckenridge American)

The rocks and rock work in the picnic tables appear to be more weathered and irregular than the others.  The last year the newspaper archives are available is 1938.

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