How to remodel a bathroom in only 5 years

tile day 1

And the award for the longest bathroom remodel in the history of Lottabusha County and possibly all of Mississippi goes to [insert drum roll here please] Suzassippi!  Technically, this remodel has been going on for 6 years because you have to count the year we tore it all out and it sat for 6 months with no tub.  Which, actually did not matter anyway since when this tub was finally installed in August of 2010 it still could not be used.

Yesterday, almost 5 years since getting that tub in place, I started tiling.  Tiling is art, and it takes a lot of physical labor along with it in order to produce stunning results.  Results like our first bathroom remodel, which only took 4 years.

It seems like not a lot was accomplished yesterday, although it took two weekends of prep work to get those 5 rows of tile finished.  I’m not certain if I can stand up to another 5 rows today, but I am hoping for a post-ibuprofen miracle and a burst of enthusiasm for making art through hard labor.

Update after day 2: How’s this for one wall of artwork?  Rand gets to take credit for the idea of the design to spice it up a bit.  We used crown molding on our shower, but planned to stay with plain bullnose in the hall bath.  Can’t wait to finish this up now that I have finally gotten started!

day 2 completeddesign detail

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6 Responses to How to remodel a bathroom in only 5 years

  1. Susan Lentz says:

    Yeah, five years sounds about right around here. So does six for that matter. “I will decorate no home before its time.”


  2. Suzassippi says:

    You just made my day!


  3. socialbridge says:

    Only 5 years! You’re flyin’ by my standards. Looks great.


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