Aunt Omer’s Hospital Revisited

Aunt Omer's hospital current 3Earlier in the spring, I posted about Aunt Omer’s hospital, first hospital in Young County, Texas.  While home recently, I looked it up.  It is even in worse shape than the Google satellite image showed.  The wood is deteriorating and in need of paint, and the fascia and eaves need to be replaced.  The lovely arched windows on the lower floor have been filled in, and the arched fanlight over the front door has been bricked over, sidelights covered, and the front door replaced with a standard (and unattractive) storm door.Omer's side elevation 2A frame addition has been added to the house on the opposite side rear, and this side appears to have extended the rock addition, as well as a small stone storage shed beyond this rear addition.  The original house ended after the second window.  According to the Young County real estate roll, market value is $33,660, which includes the land value of 7,070.  However, the date of construction is identified as 1940, which is inaccurate.  That may have been the original alterations to the main house, which dates to at least 1915.

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2 Responses to Aunt Omer’s Hospital Revisited

  1. socialbridge says:

    Such a pity to see decline.


  2. Suzassippi says:

    Yes, I was quite taken aback. It has changed hands a number of times during the past few years, which is never a good sign.


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