US Post Office and Court House Knoxville

front door and lights

Although planning for the new post office and court house in Knoxville began in 1925, it would not be completed until 1934.  Baumann and Baumann were picked to design the new building in 1932, and the Art Deco with Art Moderne influences cost $1 million (Knox Heritage Historic Downtown Knoxville Walking Tour). It is constructed of Tennessee marble.

…its distinctive pink hue is most evident on rainy days.

The eagles on the pediment (see photos below) were carved by Albert Milani of the Candoro Marble Company, and “Knoxville’s best-known sculptor of the 20th century” (Knox Heritage).

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2 Responses to US Post Office and Court House Knoxville

  1. socialbridge says:

    Oh that pink is a delight.

    • Suzassippi says:

      It really is a beautiful building, but the trees prevented getting an overall picture. Apparently, Tennessee marble was used in many of the area buildings.

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