Spring Hill High School

Spring Hill High School entrance

The Works Progress Administration erected the new Spring Hill High School building in 1936-1937 on the site of the old school building on School and Duplex Streets.  Described by Van West (2001) as

…a small rural trade town located between the larger community seats of Columbia and Franklin.

Life in this community changed when General Motors Saturn factory opened.  The WPA school was closed and students relocated to the newly constructed school facility in 1992, designed to accommodate the sudden growth in population.  The former school building is used to house small businesses now, and on the day we stopped by, business was evident in the comings and goings of customers into the various shops.

Spring Hill entrance 4

…it retains much of its architectural presence, especially in the four brick pilasters with Doric capitals that define its central entrance. Several residents remember the old school with respect, even reverence, for the days when Spring Hill was a country town with community life and events centered on the school and the adjacent football field.  (Van West, 2001, p. 113)

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4 Responses to Spring Hill High School

  1. Susan Lentz says:

    Thanks, Suzassippi – I’m really enjoying your posts on my own area! I’ve never been to Spring Hill and may just drive over some day soon!


  2. Beth says:

    What an interesting WPA marker above the light!


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