Huerfano County Courthouse

Huerfano County Courthouse 2-2

The Huerfano County Courthouse in Walsenburg, Colorado was constructed in 1904.  The architect, C. A. Henderson designed the Romanesque Revival style courthouse with stone walls, a pitched hip roof, and facades with prominent square towers (  The design is similar to the adjacent 1896 jailhouse, located behind the courthouse.  The former jail serves as a Mining Museum.

Huerfano is Spanish for orphan, and the county was named for Huerfano Butte, that stands by itself, rising up from a flat surrounding just a few miles from the town.

Back in the summer of 2010, we passed through Walsenburg on our way home, with a sick doggie.  I always thought I would check out the historic details later.  I guess 5 1/2 years qualifies as “later.”

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4 Responses to Huerfano County Courthouse

  1. Beth says:

    Hmm. This looks similar to many Texas Courthouses, not only the Romanesque Revival details, but the limestone blocks. At least I assume they are limestone.


  2. socialbridge says:

    Another lovely building. It’s interesting how courthouses can be beautiful even though they are often so intimidating inside!


    • Suzassippi says:

      The courthouse in the town where we lived when I was a child was a similar structure as this one, and the library was in a small area under the stairs just inside one of the doors. It was my favorite place, and I spent so many afternoons there finding books to check out, or huddled at a table under the space of the stairway, reading. I can still see that little library! Sadly, the courthouse was demolished rather than renovated, and replaced with a nondescript building–functional perhaps, but not at all inspirational.


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