City Market, Rising Star TX

City Market

Driving through Rising Star, Texas on my way to San Antonio last week, I glanced over at a building I have seen hundreds of times in my lifetime, and suddenly, I saw it with new eyes.  My sister was driving when I exclaimed, “Can you turn around and go back?  I think the City Market is a New Deal building.”  She knows about my current research with the Living New Deal project from the University of California–Berkeley.

Star in Rising Star

The “star” in Rising Star

Notice the rock star above the window?  Me neither, until I began doing the research on the building.  How cool is that, though?

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The city market was constructed of native stone, and WPA funded $8,089 towards the $18,000 cost.  The city contributed $2,791, and 76 workers were used in the project.  Measuring 80 x 120 feet, with a concrete floor, metal roof, and 18 feet walls, the purpose was

..furnish space for the fair every fall, storage space for peanuts, and a public market for farmers’ produce in the summer. (WPA market building at Rising Star Ok’d, Abilene Reporter News, September 8, 1940, p. 39)

The market formally opened April 17, 1941 and the 36th division Army band from Camp Bowie played at the opening ceremonies.  The building remains in use for local events.

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9 Responses to City Market, Rising Star TX

  1. beauregard rippy says:

    Entrance to football stadium.


  2. bronsondorsey says:

    I have never noticed the star before. If you look at the random stone patterns too long, your eyes/brain just don’t perceive subtleties like the star.

    If you happen to be driving on US-190 between Killeen and Lampasas, stop and check out the abandoned school in Kempner. The gym was a WPA project.


  3. Those WPA projects were well constructed and many still stand. I find them fascinating also and will look forward to more on your research project. I like that native stone was used for this one.


  4. Beth says:

    ooooh! I do so love it when the WPA project appears. I found one in Victoria last week, need to do some more research, but it made my day.


  5. Suzassippi says:

    Thanks, all! It would be great if you can get to it, Beth! I thought about you while we were driving through Blanco. 🙂


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