First Street, Delhi LA


As I mentioned earlier, I made an unexpected stop in Delhi, Louisiana last week on my travels back to Mississippi.  One never knows when making stop to a place never visited if it will be a delightful little detour or a short venture through decaying and sad little places.  Far too many of the latter these days.

I knew the second I saw this row of buildings facing the railroad tracks that I needed to pull over and park.  Yesterday’s post was about the grain elevator, and this morning, the depot is featured over on Lottabusha County.  The primary street, First, has a row of buildings along two blocks, and across the tracks, a second shorter block of buildings that face toward First Street.  Broadway intersects First, and there is a short section of historic buildings in the block near the intersection.  Over the next few days, I will explore a bit about Delhi’s downtown historic district, so stop in and see the spotlight on buildings featured over the week.

…most of the town’s historic CBD (Central Business District) survives, including the all important depot and buildings which housed general mercantile stores, a bank, a hardware store, and an automobile dealership. (from the nomination information for the National Register of Historic Places)

Tripps and Bumper to Bumper

Anchoring the corner of First and Main where it junctions with Broadway to the south is the c. 1940 Moderne styled building that curves around the corner of Main.  The information on the link does not provide additional information on the building’s use, but the design leads me to believe it might have been the automobile dealership due to the large expanse of the showroom windows.

The current Tripp’s store was a 1920s commercial building which retains transom windows and shopfront, although the NRHP description indicates the doors most likely are replacements.

Searching in the historic newspapers does not indicate any information about these locations.

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2 Responses to First Street, Delhi LA

  1. Beth says:

    Delightful little town!


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