Nazareth, Pennsylvania Post Office and Mural

Nazareth Post Office building

The Nazareth Post Office was constructed in 1935 under the New Deal work that expanded post offices throughout the nation.

Nazareth Mural

Used with permission of USPS

The mural, “Cement Industry,” was painted by Miss Ryah Ludins, commissioned in 1938.  She was a muralist and painter from New York City, and completed a number of mural projects for the Section of Painting and Sculpture, and well as some for the Mexican government (Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institute). See her working on a mural at the link to the Smithsonian.

Cornerstone Nazaeth PO

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2 Responses to Nazareth, Pennsylvania Post Office and Mural

  1. bronsondorsey says:

    Very nice Federal Style building and beautiful mural. I love the murals that were painted during the WPA.


    • Suzassippi says:

      I love that they were considered “the people’s art” and placed where ordinary people could see them daily–such as in a post office. While it did not always turn out to the satisfaction of a community (e.g., Okolona, MS), those that remain, and particularly in post offices still used as post offices, can instruct us in important ways.


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