32 and 36 N. Third Street, Easton PA


No. 32 (brownstone building to the left in the photo) was the Hohl House, but currently is divided into apartments and a retail store.  The 3 1/2 story Second Empire style brownstone showcases the typical Mansard roof and a decorative cornice.   George Hohl, a retired baker, purchased the property in 1872, although it was several years before he occupied the house.  Richard F. Hope’s research indicates that a stone house on the property was referenced in 1867, whereas previous sales had indicated a frame house on the site.  A reference to the “brownstone residence” in 1885 is likely the same as the current brownstone, according to Hope (Easton History).  Hope has extensively researched Easton history, and published a number of books on his work. Walking Easton is a collaborative effort to promote tourism and history.


The Thomas Rinek Mansion, currently the Easton Computer & Electronics store, is an “ornate stone-fronted home, with second floor balcony protected by stone railing…” (Hope, Walking Easton).  According to Hope, it was built in 1884 and continued with family ownership into the 2oth century.

Easton’s Architectural Heritage: City of Eason Historic District Commission described it as

Romanesque style building (late Victorian 1870-1910) featuring heavy rounded arches, towers, gables, balconies, and bays…p. 4)

Rinek was president of the Northampton County National Bank, and also partnered with his brothers in a cordage company–a company that produced rope.  The building has passed through the hands of numerous owners since Rinek’s death.


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2 Responses to 32 and 36 N. Third Street, Easton PA

  1. Sheryl says:

    I’ve visited many towns in Pennsylvania, but don’t think that I’ve ever been to Easton. I’ve been enjoying the virtual tour of some of the lovely architecture in Easton.


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