Wasena Bridge – Roanoke


The Wasena Bridge, carrying traffic over the Roanoke River, train tracks, and Wasena Park between Old Southwest/downtown Roanoke and the Wasena neigbhorhood, was constructed 1938-1939.  It was funded by a Public Works Administration (PWA) grant of $149,265 grant toward the total cost of $336,254.


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The contractor for the project was M. S. Hudgins, builder was the Wisconsin Bridges & Iron Company, and consulting engineers were Barrington & Cortelyou.  The Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Company, Milwaukee, was established 1888  At least 16 projects–including several bridges in Mississippi–are attributed to the Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Company (Historic American Engineering Record), who manufactured structural steel for buildings, bridges, coal mining and handling structures and metal mining structures (Milwaukee Public Library/Wisconsin Bridge & Iron Company Photo Albums).

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4 Responses to Wasena Bridge – Roanoke

  1. socialbridge says:

    Love this post, Suz.
    Hard to beat bridges, I always say!


  2. Suzassippi says:

    I can only be hopeful that this community–which seems to have prized thus far many of its historical buildings and bridges, will figure out an alternative. I do realize that bridge needs change, but I would be hopeful it could be addressed without demolition.


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