Architectural Iron Work on the Canton TX Square


Nothing stops me in my tracks quite so quickly as seeing architectural iron work on buildings.  There is just something impressive about those communities who recognize these beautiful pieces of past architecture, and the store owners who prize them enough to keep them.


Fort Worth iron Works was established and the board of directors elected in 1890 (San Antonio Daily Light, 1890).


Granted, this door and these windows are total “preservation fails” in any one’s book, but the iron architectural columns are at least still there.


The first advertisement I could find for the Mosher Manufacturing Company was in 1904, and in only a few years, they were forced into involuntary bankruptcy.


D. D. Thames and R. Jarvis were in the mercantile business, although I could not find a specific range of dates.  A Jarvis Department store was listed in Grand Saline, Van Zandt county and D. D. Thames of Canton purchased a lot in Grand Saline in 1901.  The Sherman Iron Works foundry was established in Bricktown district of Oklahoma City in 1899.

…the foundry employed 35 people who molded, cast, and formed metal fittings and machine parts on request. (B. L. Blackburn, 1983, nomination form for National Register of Historic Places)

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4 Responses to Architectural Iron Work on the Canton TX Square

  1. socialbridge says:

    Love the photos, Suz, and your passion shines through in your writing.


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