Jacksboro Tourist Court


Leaving Jacksboro for Graham, I passed the remains of an old tourist court on the edge of town (redriverhistorian.com).  Once common sites across the Texas in which I grew up, I was always especially fascinated by those rock buildings with the aqua glass rocks embedded within the walls.


Heated sands and clays were used for glass manufacturing, and hardened into the glass chunks you see in this structure.  This building also featured petrified wood and brick quoins and door/window sills.  Tourist courts, or motor courts, were common in the mid-1920s-1950s as the motoring public emerged.  Simple cabins, often with an accompanying garage or carport for your automobile sprang up in the towns along major state highways.

Due diligence has failed to turn up anything specific about this tourist court, but the house directly across the road (highway 380) appears to have been built at the same time, and has brick quoins and trim on the corners and windows as does the remains of the lodge.


Image via Google maps


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6 Responses to Jacksboro Tourist Court

  1. socialbridge says:

    This is really fascinating to me. I never heard of or saw anything like it.


  2. Suzassippi says:

    Awesome is a good word for it!


  3. The glass cullet is beautiful! Bruce Goff would use it frequently in his designs when it was locally available. He even has a chunk on his grave marker! The below linked image is of Goff’s Redeemer Lutheran Church Educational Building in Bartlesville, OK where the corners are almost made completely out of cullet.


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