Gibtown Store


As previously discussed, I was in Gibtown, Jack County, Texas while in Texas during Thanksgiving week.  The store above was one of several in the community during its early years.  The store was located on the left end, toward the highway, and the residence was at the far end–although presumably it had a roof on it during the time it was occupied.  Due to the large double door in the center portion, I surmise that might have been part of the storage area, or at least the entrance for unloading merchandise for the store.

Mother said the post office was also located in the store, although I am not certain if it was in this particular building or one of the other stores.  In 1884, the postmaster was B. L. Gibbons according to the Official Register of the United States Post Office Department and Postal Service of 1884, Volume II.

According to the Era Druggists Directory, vol. 19, 1921, Mrs. J. C. Sartain ran the Gibtown Drug Store.  I was mightily surprised last year to be researching my mother’s great-grandfather and discover he married a woman from Yalobusha County, Martha Ann Sartain.  After they moved to Texas, many of her family joined them there and are also buried in the Gibtown Cemetery.  While I could locate a John Calvin Sartain who was a sibling to my great-great-grandmother Martha Ann, and who died in Jack County in 1919, the record indicates his wife died prior in 1902.  His obituary in the Jacksboro news reported he was survived by a wife and child, so I am surmising the possibility he remarried after the death of his first wife and that she was the Mrs. J. C. Sartain of the grocery store.

I am still checking out leads, but, yep one more time, I am a dog with a bone and will spend way too much time trying to solve this mystery.  It is far more satisfying than cleaning house.

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