Looking beyond where you were looking


I have been planning a post on the E. L. Young Hotel in Meridian for some time now–ever since I took the photographs back in August.  The Young Hotel was part of the research on the Victor Green travel book–accommodations for black travelers during the segregation years.  As I was sorting through the photographs this morning, finally thinking I had enough time to get this together, my eyes saw something I had not taken note of during all the time I have been processing and working with these pictures for the research project that was completed back in September.

In the photograph below, I noticed for the first time the building across the street, its once corner entrance, and the obvious facade change on the bottom floor.  I can change course quicker than a dachshund on the hunt at the slightest hint of a potential chase down the rabbit trail.corner-building-across-from-youngPart of the historically black business district, the building is a “c. 1870 stucco-clad storefront with brick veneer” which originally had a canted entry (Linda Ford, 2004).  The second floor features arched windows and stone sills, and pilasters. 2419-5th-streetLooking beyond at the attached building, one sees the upper floor of a similarly styled building which was described as “parapet with raised brick panels, diamond patterns, cornice” (Ford).  The first floor featured arches along the arcade, and a denticulated stringcourse of bricks.  Beyond those two mentions in the nomination form for the historic district, and the brief information in the Mississippi Department of Archives & History, I have found nothing.  That probably means I need to put the badger dog back on a leash and do something that might have an outcome other than a dead end.406-25th-avenueAfter all, this is Meridian.



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