Christmas Eve Brunch from France

Last week on Chez Le Rêve Français Amanda made a beautiful post about how to make a French Yorkie Scramble.  Although I have heard of Yorkshire pudding, I had not a clue as to what it was, or how to make it.  Fortunately, Amanda not only provides great pictures (check it out, her result is beautiful!), but also a printable recipe with the steps.

So, who fancies this on Christmas morning, then? (Amanda)

I do!  I do! (Suzassippi)

Well, at least I fancied it on Christmas Eve brunch.  While I knew that “pudding” in England did not mean what people in the States usually think of as pudding, I had never eaten it, or seen one.  Turns out, it is a bit like a “popover” or as Rand so thoughtfully describe it, “Tastes like bread to me.”  Personally, I found it quite easy to make, and quite tasty to eat.

I looked up the history of the Yorkshire pudding and discovered it was historically served prior to the meat course, with gravy on it as a way to extend the meal content, and use of the drippings (fat from the roasting meat) which was not only a main source of energy in the diet, but also was quite tasty.  Originally, it was made by pouring a batter (flour, milk, eggs) into the hot drippings below the roasting meat.  Amanda’s recipe called for placing the batter in a Yorkshire pudding tin, but since I did not have that, I substituted a muffin tin.

The trick is to have the oil (or drippings if you wanted to be historically accurate) very hot, which reminded me of making cornbread in an iron skillet.  The result is a moist bread-like fluffy pudding which is then split to hold the eggs and bacon.  It reminded me a bit of the savory French toasts I learned to love in South Africa.

So, on this sunny and warm Christmas morning in Mississippi, I send greetings and appreciation to all the wonderful bloggers in other countries, other states, and other universes who add to my life pleasures in so many ways.

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7 Responses to Christmas Eve Brunch from France

  1. Beth says:

    Looks yummy! Merry Christmas to you!


  2. So sorry I missed this at the time. I was really ill for a few Months so relied on scheduled
    Posts. Really glad you tried this and with Yorkers it’s just about the comforting taste! Thanks again 💕


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