Paris and the Lindbergh Landing: Xavier Gonzalez Mural


Fifth in the series of murals painted by Xavier Gonzalez in 1938 for the newly opened Shushan Airport in New Orleans, Paris and the Lindbergh Landing shows Lindbergh’s arrival in Paris following his 1927 New York City to Paris trans-Atlantic flight.  His plane, the Spirit of St. Louis is depicted along with the planes of the French fliers who welcomed his entrance to Paris.

Following a sleep after the 33 hour non-stop flight, Lindbergh answered reporters’ questions.

…there came into view the hills of Ireland, and the worst was over…By dusk he had reached the French coast, then darkness, then the sweep of powerful searchlights guiding him to his goal.

Finally the brilliant illuminations of Eiffel Tower caught his eyes and he knew he had made Paris. A few minutes later, gracefully as a butterfly alighting upon a flower, his silvery ship of the air glided out of the darkness of night into the glare of searchlights switched on to show him the landing field. (“Phones to Mother Upon Awakening from 10-hour Sleep” The Reading Times, 23 May 1927, p. 1-2)


The Lindbergh-Paris mural was one of three left exposed in the Levee Board offices following the 1960s renovation of the airport.

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