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Things have been extremely busy here these past few weeks.  I have accomplished a great deal in terms of work, research, and preparing for my role as President of the National Association of Social Workers, Mississippi chapter.  Yesterday was a crystalizing day for me, however.

I conducted a focus group with some students, another phase in a series of research I am working on with two of my colleagues.  My purpose in bringing that up is not to discuss the focus group, because that would be inappropriate due to the nature of the research, but to address how conducting that group helped me to regain my focus in a time that is fraught with change and overloaded with obligations at all levels.

There is something about listening to students that is always enlightening to me.  Listening to students gives me insight into how they are thinking and learning, and how we can revise curriculum and instruction to facilitate growth and professional development.  In an organization with finite limits on the amount of time I have to accomplish the requirements of my position, it is both exciting and frustrating to make new discoveries about what is needed.  On the one hand, it is exciting to have the insight and the understanding to move forward.  On the other, it is like “how will I ever get this all done?”

So where did focus come in?  Just the reminder to do what I tell students to do: use an orderly, logical process–a planned change process.  What is the next step?  Do it.

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2 Responses to Focus

  1. Congratulations of the new position! You will do a great job – do it!


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