Iron Bridge, Teoc Community


Teoc, Mississippi is a small community off Highway 7 north, between Greenwood and Avalon.  Research on New Deal Administration buildings in Mississippi introduced me to Teoc, and upon discovering it is just off the road I travel to and from Indianola every week, I finally took a detour on the way home when I had a few extra minutes to spare.  I noticed a sign that said “Iron Bridge Church” and just as I crossed the concrete bridge over Little Teoc Creek, glanced to my right.

Iron Bridge 6

According to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory (and I just cannot say too many times what an incredible resource that is), the Teoc Creek Bridge was constructed in 1917.  Thus far, I have not located anything in the newspaper archives, but A. K. Gilbert (2006. A Leader Born: The Life of Admiral John Sidney McCain, Pacific Carrier Commander. Philadelphia: Casemate.) reports:

When the dirt road extended to the south (as it did in olden days) it crossed an antique iron bridge, called the “iron bridge.”  That was the original entrance to Teoc.

The Teoc community, home to the family of Senator John McCain, the J. T. Long Store, and the Teoc Community House constructed by the New Deal Administration to name just a few, was listed in the Mississippi Heritage Trust’s “10 Most Endangered Places” in 2009, and as of the 2017 update, no progress has been made in saving this unique community in Mississippi history.

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4 Responses to Iron Bridge, Teoc Community

  1. Beth says:

    Each bridge has a story, just like each building and each community. Each one of us, too. This is a very haunting scene especially in winter.


    • Suzassippi says:

      True on all accounts. I was indeed struck still by the scene, and rather saddened by the empty and deteriorating store and the kudzu vine covered church remains. It was muddy due to the extensive rains the last few days, and the creek was overflowing its banks. I did not get off the paved road except for a brief wrong turn, hoping to not end up stuck as I searched to turn around. And these are the times I miss my 4-wheel drive Avalanche. 🙂

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  2. So glad you took the time to check this out and share with us. Rather sad in winter but rather beautiful in a stark way.


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